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What is this sofrito/confit technique the chef from Mokonuts talks about?

The chef from Mokonuts refers to an onion sofrito/confit that is braised for 4-5 hours. What is this technique, where can I find more about it?
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I am making duck confit this weekend and will refrigerate it. I am curious though; what are the concerns for leaving it in a cool room?

I've made duck confit many times before and used it fresh. This time, though, I'd like to try to age it in the fridge a bit to see if I notice a difference. To do this I've purchased some earthenware ...
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When to start the timer on crock pot chicken confit

The recipes I have read call for 3 hours on Low temp, then 1.5 - 2 hours on High. Do I start the timer as soon as I turn on the crockpot, or let the crockpot come up to temp before starting the timer?
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When preparing confit, do you start ingredients in cold fat, or do you add it when it reaches cooking temperature?

I have watched many videos on the subject and I see it going both ways. Also, do you have to wring out all the water from the duck/chicken before adding it to the fat? Is there a splattering risk?
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On a naked chicken (skin on, but no coating, batter) is there any benefit of double frying?

So I have stumbled upon a recipe on seriouseats about double frying chicken wings in this case to get it to the most crispy buffalo wings possible. It makes me think will it helps with getting “ayam ...
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What's the difference between confit and fondant potato?

So they both seem to always require relatively long cooking in some kind of liquid containing fat. The only difference I seem to be able to find is the shaping of the potato and colouring of it by ...
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Is this cooking method likely to yield a tasty pork chop?

So I'm thinking of doing three things to a piece of pork. First salt it for a day Then Confit it Then Smoke it Is this overkill or can this make some good pork?
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How do I confit a Pork Neck

I am wondering about how is the best way to confit a pork neck. Is it best to confit a whole piece or should I chop it up before? What kind of oil or fat should I use? What is the correct ...
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What is the fastest way / highest temp you made duck confit?

I know I know this is supposed to be a slow thing, but how have you "cheated" and got away with it? Most recipes calls for at least 4 hours of cooking and at less than 275F. Cooling then re-crisping ...
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Why do chicken wings turn chewy if cooled between cookings?

I prepared some chicken wings by: Place chicken wings, raw, in cool oil. Heat corn oil to ~180°F, hold at ~180°F for 3 hours (in the oven). Heat peanut oil in deep fryer to 370°F (as high as the ...
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What's the correct temperature to prepare confit cod?

I've been cooking confit cod at 40°C (104°F). Once it reaches 40°C, I keep it for about 5 minutes and take it out of the oven. However, the thinner parts of the cod lose more moist than the thicker ...
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The science of confit

In recent weeks I have made both duck leg and pork belly confit with rich tasting and great texture results. I want to experiment with this technique further but to do so, and avoid wasting meat and ...
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What is the traditional accompaniment for Duck Confit?

I have a few duck legs that I made a confit from earlier this week. I'm thinking of serving them with Parmesan Dauphinoise and some beans from the garden tonight. I was wonderring though, what would ...
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