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8 answers

How to avoid cinnamon sludge in a beverage?

When you grind up cinnamon (say in a coffee grinder) and use it in a drink, it ends up producing this thick sludge. You can only prevent the sludge from forming if you leave it very course. Why does ...
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3 answers

How to replicate this bakery's bread

A local bakery is going out of business and they sell the most delicious bread. The pretzel bread is my favorite. All of their loaves tend to be heavy and dense, they stand up well to slicing, and the ...
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How do I keep my chocolate ganache in the right consistency?

I made a chocolate ganache and after a few hours in the fridge it was in the perfect consistency. I left it out of the fridge so it would be room temperature, and an hour later it became much harder. ...
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