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Ratio of liquid/glucomannan/xanthan gum for flan or Walden Farms dip

I'm hoping someone can offer suggestions for what a good ratio of glucomannan and xanthan gum per volume liquid to thicken a flavored liquid(water consistency w/o thickeners) into a result that has a ...
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Watery Gummies - Yuk!

I have a similar problem as another post but after reading through the suggestions, I think I found part of what I did wrong but not everything. My recipe was simple: 1 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp Gelatin ...
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Butterscotch Sauce consistency

I keep getting quite a mixed bag when it comes to butterscotch sauce; sometimes it's runny, sometimes it's thick (as I want it). Other times it gets lumps in it, or simply clumps to the side of the ...
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How do I keep my chocolate ganache in the right consistency?

I made a chocolate ganache and after a few hours in the fridge it was in the perfect consistency. I left it out of the fridge so it would be room temperature, and an hour later it became much harder. ...
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