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Multi-step Programmable Comercial Convection Oven

I have some Turbofan convection ovens which I use for baking. They have a program mode but it only supports one time and temperature setting. What I really need is to be able to create a program with ...
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Convection microwave oven in office setting?

Our office recently moved and we have no break room, i am trying (unsuccessfully) to convince them to get a convection microwave oven. Is there something i need to know about putting one in a space ...
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Macarons Problems because of convection gas

I tried the pierre herme macaron ispahan recipe: 250 g de poudre d’amande 250 g de sucre glace 6 blancs d’œufs (180 g) 3 g de colorant rouge carmin 250 g de sucre semoule 65 g d’eau minérale ...
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Is there any difference between US convection ovens to ovens used in other parts of the world

Coming again after you guys helped me with my previous issue A quick summary of the previous question: Bottom of cookies and frozen pizza seem to be almost burned but the top and interior were not ...
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