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Are “stockpots” concentrated stock packs in the refrigerated section of the supermarket?

Will mass-produced stockpots (gelled stock concentrate) be found in the refrigerated section of the supermarket or in the section where stock cubes are?
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Why is there potato in meatballs?

Living in Sweden I do eat meatballs almost everyday. What I've noticed is that most ready-to-eat meatballs you can buy in the store contains potato, potato flakes and potato starch. I'd never even ...
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Is it safe to microwave Pyrex containers immediately after removing them from the freezer and removing the plastic lid?

I am attempting to bulk prep some frozen convenience food and have determined that a standard Pyrex glass container would be ideal for freezing (non-liquid) meals (think burritos or tacos), but I want ...
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Which of these Ingredients/additives assist in the longevity of frozen, microwavable foods?

My last question was closed due to egregious subjectivity so I'll be very objective with this post. Premise: Frozen, microwavable foods are "usually fully cooked during preparation, and only need to ...
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What specifically makes microwavable frozen food taste so delicious? [closed]

Update: Here is an objective and non-opinion based question. I recently asked another question on how I could make a weeks worth of pasta on a Sunday night and have it still taste good throughought ...
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Do pickled sausages need to be refrigerated?

We have a jar of Hannah's Red Hot Pickled Sausages that we just opened last night. I couldn't find any "Refrigerate After Opening" indication anywhere on the jar, so we left them out overnight. I'm ...
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Why do my hotpockets always split down the sides?

I eat a hot pocket for lunch at least twice a week. They almost always split down the sides when I microwave them. I don't just the full time (2 minutes instead of 2:15) but they still regularly split....
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How can I bake normally fried foods?

A lot of frozen, convenience foods are foods that are traditionally fried can be prepared by baking. I'm thinking of, fish sticks, french fries, tator tots, jalapeño poppers, etc. I'm lousy at deep ...
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How can I put a hot dog in a bun without splitting the bun?

I have some store-bought, pre-slit hot dog buns. They are a little brittle, and if I open the slit wide enough to take the hot dog, the bun splits in two. I've tried using my toaster oven to warm the ...
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