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Why is the tin lining bubbling on copper pan?

I recently re-tinned an old copper pan with a good layer of tin. But after a few uses i am able to see the surface bubbling and forming boils making the surface rough. I am not able to understand the ...
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Can my copper bottom pot be fixed?

My favorite copper bottom pot is finally losing it's bottom. In fact, everyone uses this pot. However, I've hidden it so no one can use it until I find a solution. I hate the thought of tossing it and ...
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Is it safe to cook pancakes on a copper surface?

I've read a lot about copper cookware and how it's useful for heat management and its non-stick qualities, as long as it is tinned. But after watching this video showing a Korean restaurant preparing ...
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Is a corroded copper teapot safe?

I bought what I thought was a rusted teapot recently, treated it with an environmentally friendly rust remover, cleaned it thoroughly, and only then realized the bottom says "chrome on copper&...
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Verdigris on copper-bottomed pan

I have a small stainless steel pan with a copper bottom. The diameter is around 4in or 10cm, so it is really small. I use it exclusively for tempering or what is known in India as tadka. That is, I ...
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classical sauce-making with induction cooktop

In classical french sauce-making lined copper pots are preferred for their responsiveness. Can anyone tell me how induction-capable cookware such as Demeyere Atlantis sauciers or All-Clad D3 ...
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Copper saute pan metal lining is melting?

So, I tried using a copper (I bought 2nd hand recently) pan to brown some beef. The lining is melting and bubbling. Am I not supposed to use it for this? Or has it been lined with something other ...
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Ovearheated/burnt my copper pot, is it still usable?

I burnt porridge to the bottom of my copper pot. It was too hot and it dried out so now the tin feels rough and has bubbled somewhat. Is it still usable like this? Or will I need to get it re-tinned? ...
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Milk pan for induction hob

Traditionally, copper pans are used for heating milk because of copper's conductive properties. Does this still apply for induction hobs (obviously would need some steel in with the copper pan). What ...
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Are there advantages to an unlined copper jam pan?

What are the advantages (if any) for unlined copper jam pans? Apologies for this long question, but I've spent a lot of time searching for an answer to this and so far have not found any satisfactory ...
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How to clean a copper kettle?

My GF bought a kettle with copper finish. Looked really nice until water stains started to leave marks on it. It is now almost entirely covered with those darker gray-ish marks which I assume are some ...
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Best way to clean copper pots?

I got an awesome set of copper pots as a wedding gift. They are amazing, but the direct flame has created aggressive burn marks and discoloring. I'm aware that this is always going to occur. Is there ...
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Safe heating food in a chafing silver plated dish that is showing copper underneath?

If our silver plated chafing dish has some copper showing ( the silver plate has worn off) is it safe to heat a cheese dip in and serve it from?
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Copper-lined stainless steel vs pure copper skillet

I want to invest in a copper skillet, the heating characteristics intrigue me. When searching, I found a copper-lined stainless steel skillet, which has the bonus of being induction-compatible. I had ...
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Cleaning tin discoloration on copper/tin lid

I have a tin-lined copper sauce pan from Rameria Mazzetti, which I love, but I notice the tin discoloring. I have read that it is normal that the tin becomes dull/gray when you cook in it. My ...
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Help buying a copper pan

I heard that the best frying pans for steak are copper. Most are way too expensive but these are cheap in comparison. For example, this is three times the price - both with a 2mm gauge, although the ...
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Copper/Bronze Frying Pans?

What are the downsides of using a copper or bronze frying pan as opposed to stainless steel or cast iron?
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What can I do to use Revere Ware copper bottom pots on a glass cooktop?

Only after my new GE Profile cooktop was installed did I read the owner's manual which recommended that I not use copper-bottom pots on it. Is there anything I can do so I can still use my Revere ...
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Dishwasher safe lids for copper cookware?

I have a copper cookware set. I understand that the copper portion isn't dishwasher safe, but what about the lids? I assume since they have no copper on them, they are dishwasher safe. My Cookware ...
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Is copper cookware really better than stainless steel?

This is somewhat related to the question about copper vs. cast iron, but this is about copper vs. pure stainless steel. I had an old stainless steel stockpot that warped (it was very, very cheap ...
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Why is a copper bowl recommended for whipping cream and egg whites?

They say you can get the whipped cream or egg whites "higher" or "stiffer" if you use a copper bowl. Why is that?
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Cookware, copper or cast iron or just buy the right tool for the job?

I'm thinking of replacing my motley collection of cheap non-stick and bargain basement steel pots and pans. I'm considering either replacing with cast iron (Le Creuset is probably the best known of ...
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