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Are there tables of wastage rates for different fruit and veg?

In recent months I have been paying particular attention to food costs. As part of that I have looked at the price of different fruit. It is easy to calculate the price per Kg of unprepared fruit, ...
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What are the cheapest options for a thickening agent for making soups?

I'm trying to make soups (e.g. tomato soups, with some veggies, chillies, etc) and would like to make its cost lowest possible. One problem that I have to solve is choosing the right thickening agent ...
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Are different pasta shapes easier/harder for factory machines to make?

This weekend, I was shopping at the grocery store and found that the Lasagna was priced at about double per pound compared to other pasta shapes. That got me wondering if different pasta shapes are ...
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Why is tomato paste so cheap? [closed]

So, at target, Tomato Sauce is $0.84 / lb. But, tomato paste is $1.00 / lb. However, tomato paste has 4x as many calories, implying that they reduced it by 4x. This makes sense, since reducing tomato ...
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Is there a resource on food prep times for labor costing?

The Culinary Institute of America released an excellent book on food costing - The Book of Yields: Accuracy in Food Costing and Purchasing. In it there are lookup tables on yields on over 1000 foods. ...
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Do Ice Wands have an advantage over a homemade solution?

It's recently come to my attention that I've been flirting with disaster by regularly cooling large pots of stock (~2 or 3 quarts at a time) by moving them straight from high temperature (>180F) to ...
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Where can I buy Prime Beef? [closed]

Does anyone know the type of place I can buy prime beef? Will I typically have to go to butcher or could I get it from a super market somewhere? Also, does anyone have an idea of what the price for an ...
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How much difference is there between brands of flour?

How much real difference is there between flours (specifically all-purpose) such as King Arthur, Gold Medal at a considerable savings and a store brand which is even less expensive?
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Is it cost effective to make your own roast beef sandwich?

Seeing how expensive deli meat is it sure seems like roast beef sandwiches would be cheaper to make if you did your own roast and sliced it thin. Are there any cons to this method? I imagine it ...
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