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What accounts for different colors of fat in steamed Dungeness crabs?

During crab season, we buy Dungeness crabs that are steamed our boiled and then stored on ice, for eating cold or for using in recipes. One of the culinarily valuable parts of the crab, used for ...
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Why NOT use raw flour to bind crab cakes?

Why can't I use flour? Most websites counsel "cracker crumbs and egg hold the patties together"? How does flour differ from bread, or cracker, crumbs? Chef Dennis: Cracker crumbs make the ...
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Best way to bind crab cakes

What is the best way to bind crab cakes? I cannot, ever, use any kind of flour or breadcrumbs, no even NG flour/bread; no bread, cracker, flour G or NG. Would just an egg or egg white be enough to ...
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How do I extract the crab claw meat clinging to, and covered by, the shells?

I defrosted these Snow Crab claws, but the meat still clings to the shell. I can't yank all the claw meat out of the shell intact and in one go, because the meat keeps splitting and sundering at the ...
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Do leech eggs on crabs harm humans?

If you're eating snow crab, do Kanibiru hazard humans' health? What if you accidentally taste or swallow them? Along Sea of Japan, it’s snow crab time Kanibiru, the eggs of a leech-like parasite ...
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What is the proper cooking time for steaming whole stone crabs? Is there any reason to avoid them?

In several pages of Google results, I found no information at all on cooking time, average market prices, recipes, etc. for whole stone crabs. I made my own estimation for cooking time last time I ...
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Proper freezing for King Crab Legs

A local grocer is selling cooked, frozen King Crab Legs. I'd like to buy them a week in advance of Christmas and keep them frozen until it's time to eat them. If they sit in my freezer for 7 days, ...
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Why do shrimp / lobster / crab turn pink or red when cooking?

Cooking is a form of chemistry - so there must be a scientific reason behind this. Why do all crustaceans turn pink or red when cooked?
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Why does Phillips Crab taste like chemicals, unlike M&S's Orkney Crab that tastes natural?

BC supermarkets stock only Phillips Food for picked crab meat. Thrifty Foods sell them in plastic cylinders: To me, Phillips's crab always tastes wacky, like chemicals. Does anyone taste this or ...
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Crab - brown meat looks grey

Yesterday I cooked two brown crabs for dinner. Both were alive and kicking immediately before I cooked them. They weighed 700g each and I boiled them for 19 minutes. The white meat in both was ...
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Shore caught crabs

I caught 4 small shore crabs (green crabs) yesterday and took them home to eat. They were alive in the bag until I got home and I out them straight into the freezer (no cleaning or boiling etc). They ...
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Is this crab meat cooked?

I purchased a small container (8 oz) of frozen crabmeat. I do not know if it is cooked or not. The contents appear to be grey (it's a clear plastic tub). The container reads: Wild Caught Special ...
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What are the culinary differences between Chinese Mitten Crabs and Blue Crabs?

I wonder why Chinese mitten crabs are a delicacy in Chinese food, while most people in Europe and US don't eat them even though there are many of them now in these two places? For example, in Germany, ...
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How long to boil crab for?

I bought some Frozen Crab. How long should I boil it for before eating it? (I have some snow crab and King crab legs)
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How do you prepare Soft Shell Crabs?

I purchased "Live" Soft Shell Crabs and wanted to make a recipe that calls for frying them - what are the steps involved?
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Is frozen crabmeat OK to use for crab cakes?

I have some frozen precooked crab meat that I was going to use in a sauce for pasta but thought maybe crab cakes would be a nice change of pace. Does the fact that it has been frozen make it ...
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Are garlic butter and garlic oil interchangeable?

When eating something like crab, garlic butter seems to be a Western thing while garlic oil is Asian. Is it just a personal preference thing, or does it matter which one you use? Note: Garlic butter ...
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