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Can unsweetened cranberry juice be used to pickle food

I have always been fascinated by pickled foods. Cranberry juice has a very low PH and I was curious if it can be used as a pickling agent. Has anyone tried cranberry pickled cucumbers and tomatoes or ...
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Wrong ingredient order for dried cranberries?

I am looking at the nutritional label for Mariani Dried Cranberries. If I'm reading the label correctly, the serving size is 40g, 26g of which are added sugar (yep, 2/3 of this product is sugar!). ...
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How are commercially dried cranberries dried?

I'm trying to clarify how exactly commercially available dried cranberries, like craisins, are dried. I'm specifically trying to research the topic to understand the processes involved, in order to ...
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Can't find frozen cranberries anywhere. Can I use fresh instead in my cake recipe?

I can't find frozen cranberries anywhere. How can I substitute fresh cranberries for frozen? Do I chop them up and add sugar? Do frozen cranberries have added sugar in them? My cake recipe asks ...
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Substituting Dried Cranberries for Fresh/Frozen

I have a slow cooker recipe (for meat) that calls for 4 cups fresh or frozen cranberries. Fresh are out of season, and frozen out of stock at my usual stores. All that's available are dried ...
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Using dried cranberries instead of chocolate chips in cookies

Can I use dried cranberries instead of chocolate chips in my GF cookies? Will it work the same? If so, should I correct the sugar amount in the recipe? Thanks
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Sweetening cranberry juice impossible?

I have used sugar to sweeten things and it usually works. Lemons - Yes Limes - Yes Blueberries - Yes(they get tart when they are overripe and most overripe blueberries are used for blueberry juice) ...
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Fresh cranberries OR frozen cranberries

I have a recipe that calls for 1 1/2 cup of fresh cranberries mixed with 1 cup of sugar (let stand). Then you add egg whites, orange juice and vanilla. Finally, you fold with whipped cream. Since ...
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What kinds of apples are suited to be filled with cranberries and baked?

During the holidays, an apple cut in half and filled with cranberries or cranberry sauce is a commonly served item in Belgium. I want to make this too this year, but I'm not sure which kind of apple ...
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Storing raw cranberry

I want to be able to use chopped raw cranberries instead of sweetened dried cranberries in oatmeal and yogurt year round. Can I chop raw cranberries and then store in the freezer?
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How can I thicken this cranberry-pepper jelly?

In my first attempt at making jelly, I seem to have veered off course. I'm following this recipe for Cranberry-Pepper Jelly: Ingredients 3 red bell peppers, finely chopped 2 Fresno or ...
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How to thicken a raw fruit relish?

I have a raw fruit relish that I'd like to like to thicken into more of a jam consistency. I'm thinking about heating in a saucepan with some cornstarch or syrup, but I don't have any idea how much ...
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What does Cranberry Compound mean?

I just read on the side of a Cranberry Juice pack that one of its ingredients was Cranberry compound? What does it mean?
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Chopping fresh cranberries

Are there any good ways to chop fresh cranberries? It tends to end up a bit tedious for me, not catching too many at a time with the knife, and chasing after the ones that roll away. (And I don't have ...
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What is the cranberries/sugar ratio used in the American cranberry sauce?

I once tried to make a cranberry sauce like the one I tasted on Long Island, but the one I made tasted differently (it was more sour). I guess I used less sugar that I should have done. Do I wrongly ...
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Substitute frozen cranberries for fresh berries

I just came across this recipe that calls for 1 1/4 cups of fresh cranberries. I was wondering if it was possible to substitute frozen cranberries instead. I am assuming that I have to thaw the ...
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