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Layer of high fat content that rises to the top of milk. Cream comes in multiple varieties (different fat percentages) and can be used in many different ways in cooking.

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Plain vs flavored Crema Catalana

I have in front of me two recipes for Crema Catalana, one plain and one coffee and cardamom flavored. The amount of milk in the former is equal to the amount of milk plus coffee of the latter. The ...
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Can cornstach break down in a filling by over heating or over stirring when baking a meringue pie?

My cream pie fillings are very inconsistent when making meringue pies. I've read that over stirring cornstarch thickened mixtures can cause them to break down when cooled. I've also read that over ...
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How long can bagged caramel popcorn be at room temp?

The caramel sauce has 1c sugar, 6T butter and .5c cream. Sauce boiled 8-12 minutes; poured over popcorn and baked at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. This sauce recipe would cover 8-10 qts of popcorn. ...
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why does tuna in olive oil and cooking cream often go wrong

When mixing tuna (from a can and heated with a little olive oil) with cooking cream (panna), often the whole thing goes wrong, unfortunately: Instead of having a nice homogenized creamy sauce, the ...
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Does browning/toasting cream impact its shelf life?

Does browning/toasting cream in a pressure cooker impact its shelf life? The process seems similar to ultra-high-temperature processing.
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gelatine, cream and alcohol combination

Concerning alcohol flavored panna cotta, other questions I found focus more on how to prevent a cream plus alcohol mixture from splitting but they assume one knows the right amount of gelatine for ...
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Bailey's curdled in coffee?

I put an irish bar's baileys into my morning's black coffee I kept warm in a Stanley thermos. But after an indeterminate amount of time (between 10 mins to an hour), some of the milk curdled. Is that ...
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What would I have to add if I wanted to substitute blueberry juice for light cream in this pie recipe?

I'm going to be making this pie recipe: I have a bag of frozen blueberries that are now blueberries in their own juice, would i be ...
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Is buttercream supposed to be piped straight away?

It took me a couple of attempts before I properly beat my butter and made fluffy buttercream for my eclairs (the filling is whipped butter plus condensed milk per my recipe). I put it into the fridge, ...
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