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Incorporating fruits in creme brulee

Does anyone have any idea on what precautions to take while combining fruit puree with custard for creme brulees? I added strawberry puree ( which I added some lemon juice to) to my custard and it ...
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How can a Bavarian cream that includes orange juice thicken with so much liquid?

I found a recipe for an orange flavored Bavarian cream with the following directions. Start with a crème anglaise by whisking egg yolks and sugar and then add boiling milk flavored with orange zest. ...
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chocolate creme anglaise is runny

I want to make a creme anglaise au chocolat for tart filling. I used the recipe of my best pastry chef Pierre herme: 125g milk 125g cream 3 egg yolks 70g sugar 90g chocolate (70%) I first mixed ...
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What is the difference between crème anglaise and crème pâtissière?

I am amateur and novice baker. I cannot differentiate the two recipes. Are they only different in proportion? I know that the two are egg-based, mixed with sugar and starch and tempered with milk (or ...
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Does Julia Child's Crème Brûlée work?

In "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", Julia et al. explain that Crème Brûlée is simply Crème Anglaise (Light Custard Sauce) made with whipping cream instead of milk, half the amount of sugar and ...
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How to Make the perfect French Custard?

I've tried numerous recipes, watched different videos, and adopted different techniques, but to this day I can't make good plain custard. Some of the issues with previous custards: Egg taste ( I ...
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