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Pre packaged creme fraiche in quiche [closed]

I've seen creme fraiche recipes for quiche and I have some store bought creme fraiche on hand that was bought for me a few days ago. My concern is that it's not real creme fraiche, it's half way ...
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Differences in creme fraiche recipe

In all the recipes I see for making creme fraiche, the ingredient amounts--though all over the place--are something like 2 tablespoons of buttermilk to 1 cup of cream and many variations thereof. ...
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Add fresh yogurt to whipping cream to make creme fraiche?

Can I use fresh yogurt instead of cultured buttermilk, to add to heavy cream (35%) and make creme fraiche? I learned that adding cultured butter milk to heavy whipping cream makes creme fraiche. I ...
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Is it possible to make homemade crème fraiche using clotted buttermilk?

I started making crème fraiche and when adding the buttermilk, the buttermilk had started to clot. I didn't know this before adding it to the cream. Am I still able to make the crème fraiche with ...
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Buttermilk substitute for making creme fraiche?

I want to make creme fraiche. I have 2 cups of heavy cream, but I can't find any buttermilk in my Country. I've read that it can be substituted with lemon juice, or vinegar mixed with milk. The ...
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Why might I have trouble making butter from Crème Fraîche?

I tried making cultured butter today from a supermarket variety crème fraîche. For some reason the butter hasn't split from the whey although I've "churned" it with the hand mixer for 20 minutes or ...
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What should I look for in an alternative to crème fraîche?

I have lots of great recipes that call for crème fraîche, but for some reason, it's very difficult to find it in my neighborhood. I hear that sour cream is an acceptable substitute. However, in my ...
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How can I make creme fraiche quickly without waiting for it to curdle?

The recipe I have says to wait 24 hours but I don't have that much time! Is there any way to speed up the process? Thank you!
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I left creme fraiche out of fridge for 2 hours it turned bad

How long can you keep creme fraiche out of the fridge before it gets spoiled
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How to bring taste back when too much creme fraiche is added

Occasionally it happens that I add to much creme fraiche to a pasta sauce. Recently this happened with a pasta that contained aubergine, courgette, white mushroom, onion, chicken and some pepper and ...
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Why did my Crème Fraiche split?

I have made a recipe where I take a number of ingredients and cover them with Creme Fraiche and then bake it in the oven for a while. I have been making this recipe for a few years. Recently the ...
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creme fraiche 1 month out of date!

I was just cooking some soup and added some creme fraiche (I smelt it before and it smelt fine, force of habit) Once I had mixed it in - I noticed that the sell by date was the 15th of January! I ...
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Can Creme Fraiche be substituted for Heavy Cream in a Cream Sauce?

I am trying to make a past dish and I need to know if I can substitute Creme Fraiche for Heavy Cream in the recipe I am using. Said recipe calls for: Cream Sauce 1 quart heavy cream 1 head ...
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What is sour cream?

What exactly is sour cream and How is it made? also Is there a relationship between 'sour-cream' and 'creme fraiche'?
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