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Can you start a recipe on low and finish on high in a slow cooker?

Thanks to a sick toddler I wasn't able start my country style boneless beef ribs early this morning. The recipe calls for 8-12 on low or 4-6 on high. I've always been taught ribs should be low and ...
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Rival Crock-Pot temp settings

My old Rival Crock-Pot (4.5 qt?) has only OFF, LOW, and HIGH temp settings. I'm making crock-pot chicken confit with hindquarters. The recipe directs me to set it on the LOW setting for 3 hours, then ...
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Can I substitute peppercorn marinade for peppercorn sauce mix in a recipe?

The recipe is for crockpot turkey, with turkey breast, merlot, onions, cranberry sauce and 1 oz knorr peppercorn sauce mix. I used 1oz peppercorn marinade mix. Will it ruin it?
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