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Microwave Crust

I've done a lot of microwave baking (and have created some delicious treats!), however I've never found a way to get a crust with the microwave. Now I understand the science behind a microwave and ...
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When Making A Pie With Graham Cracker Crust, How Can I Get The Crust Just Moist Enough?

I love making key lime pie. I've made it a few times this summer with this very simple and delicious recipe: 1 Container Cool Whip 1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk 1/2 (or 1/3) C. Lime Juice 1 Graham ...
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What does it mean when dough is referred to as "short"?

I saw this term pop up in a quiche recipe concerning the crust - How can you tell if the problem is too little/too much shortening, or too little/too much liquid? If it's out of proportion, can it be "...
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Is it possible to store Homemade pie crusts - if so what methods are there?

I wanted to make pie crust for a cheesecake recipe but didn't want to make all of the actual filling at the same time ( doing it for two different events that are about two weeks apart), is it ...
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How to make pizza crust thin and elastic at the same time?

For the title: I'm not sure if "elastic" is the perfect word here, so is anyone knows better one - put it in the comment. I like thin pizza crust, but when I've made it myself it was hard and stiff - ...
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Techniques to get a nice golden-brown crust on bread

How do I make sure the crust of a baguette, etc. turns out a nice golden-brown when baking?
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