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Plain vs flavored Crema Catalana

I have in front of me two recipes for Crema Catalana, one plain and one coffee and cardamom flavored. The amount of milk in the former is equal to the amount of milk plus coffee of the latter. The ...
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Ratio of liquid/glucomannan/xanthan gum for flan or Walden Farms dip

I'm hoping someone can offer suggestions for what a good ratio of glucomannan and xanthan gum per volume liquid to thicken a flavored liquid(water consistency w/o thickeners) into a result that has a ...
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Why does custard go runny if left exposed in the fridge, what is the chemical reaction?

If I leave opened custard in a carton with just the spout open the custard remains thick the next day, but spread out on a plate its like water the following day. Is it water inside the environment? ...
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