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Substitute Hon Dashi for Bonito

I understand that the ingredients are not even nearly the same If making a bonito dashi, grams-for-grams, how much Hon Dashi granules to substitute for bonito flakes? This could partly be worked out ...
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What's a fast way to make Furikake from Katsobushi used in making dashi

Making dashi uses about 10g of dried Katsobushi that ends up soaked. Then soaked Katsobushi is then removed and tastes well. How can the soaked Katsobushi be reused? The tricky part is that Katsobushi ...
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How can I tell if katsuobushi is made from bonito or the real deal?

I feel like this is another "real wasabi or not" conundrum. Essential to Japanese cuisine, especially indispensable in dashi, katsuobushi is not cheap in Japan or in the U.S. But how can I tell if a ...
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How to use rehydrated Kombu after making Dashi?

To prepare a Miso Soup the first step is the preparation of the Dashi. The Dashi will most certainly contain Kombu. Can the rehydrated Kombu be used in the Miso? What kind of preparation does the ...
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Ratios for making Dashi from Kombu and Katsuobushi

Im trying to figure out the correct balance between kombu and katsuobushi when making dashi. I have read here that the perfect ratio between the glutamate in kombu and inosinate in the katsuobushi is ...
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I had delicious Udon soup at a Japanese restaurant, and my attempts to recreate have failed. what am I missing?

I recently fell in love with Udon soup. I've had it at 2 different restaurants in Austin TX, and I find the broth clean and delicious. My favorite includes cucumber, carrot, a few shrimp, green ...
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First time dashi doesn't taste much

I tried making dashi for the first time today, but I think it wasn't very successful... I didn't have kombu so that might be a problem. I ended up adding a lot more bonito than recipes say to use. ...
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How should Dashi made with kelp and bonito flakes smell?

I attempted to make homemade Dashi with kelp stands and bonito flakes. It looks as suggested on multiple Japanese cooking sites but it smells like low tide. Is that how it's suppose to smell?
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Can one tell the different sources of dashi by taste?

Dashi can be made from several sources, including bonito, kombu and shiitake mushroom being the most common ones. (I've been to one Japanese resturant where their udon broth is made of white button ...
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Is there a substitute for dashi?

I adore Japanese cooking, but when cooking for vegetarians, I don't want to use dashi (bonito) stock. However, if I just omit it, the result doesn't taste authentic. Anyone have a substitute?
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