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What is the difference in taste between San Marzano and 6 in 1 ground tomatoes?

I've been looking at some recipes for Chicago style pizza recently, and the consensus seems to be to use 6 in 1 ground tomatoes for the sauce. Generally, when I make sauce, I use San Marzano ...
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How to mimic Giordano's Pizza SAUCE? (Part 2)

I am trying to mimic Giordano's pizza at home, as stated in part 1 I need to learn how to make both the crust and the SAUCE. I think I can manage the rest... I am looking for advice on how to make a ...
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3 answers

How to mimic Giordano's Pizza CRUST at home ? (part 1)

Yesterday I indulged in a real luxury, I had Giordano's Pizza, (from Chicago) delivered to me in Oklahoma. It takes two days notice and six hours to thaw the pizza before you can 'finish' baking it; ...
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How do I ensure my deep dish crust gets cooked

I've made a couple of deep dish pizzas over the last several months and I occasionally get either a soggy or a not cooked crust. I've been pushing the dough into a cast iron skillet and then putting ...
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