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Questions tagged [deep-frying]

Questions about cooking by submerging food in hot oil or fat.

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Donut oil absorption standards

What are the factors that affect the oil absorption during donut frying? We are frying donuts daily and using too much shortening, so we need advice for reducing it. Are there general factors we ...
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troubleshooting katsu(Japanese schnitzel) breading falling off

I tried to make pork/beef katsu. My recipe is pork loin/shoulder/steak pat dry season & hammer dredge into flour dip into egg + cream/milk mixture dredge into panko let it rest in fridge to ...
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Can I safely mix beef tallow and canola oil in a tabletop fryer with a submersible element?

I'm working on Belgium-style frites at home and would like to get as close as possible to the traditional recipe. I know that they would traditionally be double fried in beef-tallow, but I have a ...
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Yeastless Rusk in breading for deep frying

I recently bought a load of yeastless rusk for sausagemaking purposes (if you're unsure what yeastless rusk is, I purchased it here, where you can see a photo and brief description). It came in a much ...
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Which flour or batter mixture gives the longest lasting, crispiest coating?

Given the choice between the following coatings and batters, which will give the crispiest, longest lasting crispy coating on deep-fried chicken breast pieces? The chicken will be fried once in an ...
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How to batter something wet?

I'm trying to batter a frozen egg but the egg melts as I try to batter it and it falls off about half the time. I notice when I cool the batter mixture and flour mixture before hand it has a better ...
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How to find/properly cook fresh Baby Squids?

So, I've had some difficulties with Squid. I think my favorite style of squid is the type you can find at a Chinese Buffet - big chunks of squid, where a slice of a tentacle can be the size of your ...
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Deep frying a half turkey

I’ve successfully deep fried my Thanksgiving turkey for the last several years using a 30 qt pot and a poultry rack. This year, due to COVID, it’ll just be my household so we’ll need a lot less ...
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Questions on frying Chicken breasts

Is the oil temperature limited to 350 or 375. How do I Dry Brine chicken? Is there a rule of thumb for how much seasoning is used? Do I use more seasoning in the marinade than in the flour mixture?
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