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Deglazing is a cooking technique for dissolving browned food residue from a pan to flavor sauces, soups, and gravies.

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Building multiple fonds while cooking/multiple deglazing

First time poster. I'm just a home chef that makes meals once a week, but I've been recently gifted a dutch oven and would like to up my sauce game a bit. I am perhaps too quick to deglaze with a tiny ...
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Deglazing pan with textured coating

I saw some frying pans in the store with unfamiliar nonstick coatings called Megastone, and Granite something. Both of those surfaces are not smooth but are flecked with slightly raised specks, ...
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Why we can't deglaze with oil/butter? [duplicate]

I was cooking chicken soup today. Everything happens in a medium-size dutch oven. I've started with browning some meat in olive oil, then removed it, and added butter and onion to caramelize. I tried ...
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How does deglazing work?

If you put a steak or a chicken into a hot pan which is not completely non-stick, it is likely to stick to it a bit and leave a residue when you flip it. That is our fond. Later we deglaze the pan by ...
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What's the difference between deglazing with an alcohol or non-alcohol?

What's the difference between deglazing with an alcohol or non-alcohol? What difference does it make when you deglaze a pan with an alcoholic liquid versus non-alcoholic? Does it change the flavor? Is ...
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Why is good heat transfer required for making fond?

I was watching a Jacques Pepin video on steak and pan sauce. In it, he mentions that having a pan with good heat transfer is important to make sure your fond doesn't burn, but instead crystallises. ...
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Is it OK to deglaze your stainless steel pan with a dash of acetic acid?

It's really effective and most of the acetic acid boils off. Sometimes I don't want the vinegar or wine tartness, but I still want to capture the flavors from the pan. Acetic acid is also much cheaper ...
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How do you reduce wine when deglazing without burning the fond?

I have found that by the time all the alcohol has evaporated, my fond turns from beautiful brown to charcoal black. Why does it happen?
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What to do when one thing on a plate cooks faster than the others?

When I want to get fancy and add fruit juice to a saute pan to braise my meat, the juices from the fruit often caramelize too fast and burn before my meat is ready. What do you in that case? I have ...
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