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2 answers

What is the science of drying/dehydrating meat? Biltong, jerky, etc

What is the science of drying meat? This is a cross-topic question, but I think it's best suited here. Let me know if it should be elsewhere... I am South African and one of our traditional snacks is '...
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5 answers

How do you remove strong garlic odor from enclosed space (garage)?

I dehydrated garlic in my garage a couple of days ago and now I need to remove the strong garlic odor in the garage -- any ideas? I have left the garage door open for hours and have run the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Preserving dehydrated fruits and vegs

We bought a food dehydrator to make dog treats with. Primarily we're dehydrating yams, apples and bananas. I'm not dehydrating these to crisps because I didn't think I needed to. The dehydrated ...
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Dehydrating fruit without a microwave

I have a recipe that calls for dehydrating raspberries and lemon rind with the following technique: Scatter raspberries and pieces of lemon rind over a sheet of baking paper on a plate. Place in the ...
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