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How does the UK nutrition "Traffic Light System" work?

I have been trying to understand the UK "Traffic Light" system of labelling food nutrition as a helpful guide to maintaining a healthy diet and to focus this question on one nutrient, I am ...
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How does cooking food changes its content of carbohydrates and sugar?

When cooking for diabetics it is important to keep the amount of carbohydrates and sugar low. So I am wondering how cooking food - particularly vegetables - changes the amount of carbohydrates and ...
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Marinating beef with lime juice for someone with dietary restrictions

A little background - I am cooking for a person who has a specific diet after gallbladder removal. Lots of spices are a no-go, as is onion, any type of hot pepper, tomatoes, etc. Any citrus also ...
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Ginger drink question

7 ounces fresh ginger 2 cups water 3⁄4 cup granulated sugar lime wedge (to garnish) ice (garnish) sparkling water (to taste) peel the ginger and cut into thin slices. boil ...
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Mole sauce without chocolate?

Would you recommend a way to make mole sauce without chocolate? If so how? I'm diabetic and don't want a lot of sugar in my sauce.
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Resources for cooking for Wilson's Disease?

I have a friend who has been diagnosed with Wilson's disease, and needs to go on a low-copper diet. There are plenty of websites that spell out which foods are okay and which to avoid. (some are ...
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potato and carrot dumpling,how would you make it diabetic frendly? [closed]

not sure how to put this recipe up for others to cross-reference but it's on if anyone wants to find it. the recipes name is carrot and potato dumplings and my question is how would you make ...
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What can I change about this bread recipe to lower its glycemic index?

I'm starting with a recipe from Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads that uses an overnight autolyse of a soaker (whole wheat flour, your choice of other grains, salt, and water) and a refrigerated ...
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How much weight does pasta gain when boiled? [duplicate]

In the diet my dietetician has prescribed me, I have amount of pasta allowed listed for dry (uncooked) pasta. This is not a problem if I have the foresight to weigh the pasta before boiling, but it ...
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Is powdered sugar a dietary alternative to granulated sugar?

How does powdered sugar stack up to regular sugar and artificial sweeteners in terms of sugar/carbohydrate content?
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How to tell if cheese is vegetarian?

I do not eat farmed animals, including animal rennet, which is used in making many kinds of cheese. Cheeses here in the U.S. vary in what they use as curdling agent and I have seen the following ...
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