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Questions tagged [disposal]

Disposal of ingredients and equipment.

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2 answers

how to unseam - or otherwise safely open - steel olive oil cans

Is there a simple household technique to undo the seam of olive oil cans? Olive oil is sold in 3L metal cans. They might have a shoebox profile - are brand names OK? Filipo Berio brand. There are ...
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9 answers

How to dispose large amount of wet sugar?

I semi- regularly make my own dried, aged meat. As the first step, I keep it for 24-48 hours in sugar. Sugar sucks water out beautifully and when I'm done with it, it's dripping wet. So I have 10kg of ...
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Is it safe to wash meat packaging before throwing it away?

Is it recommended to wash plastic packaging for raw meat before disposing of it? I see advice to just rinse it with soap in the sink to prevent the bin from smelling. However, I also see it is usually ...
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Why throw away so much sourdough starter? Tartine Book no. 3

this is the first time I've use this site to ask a question: I've been meaning to bake some sourdough bread for a long while. I've been just hung up on the recipe for the starter. A book I'm ...
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What is the proper way to dispose of a kitchen knife?

How do you throw away a kitchen knife (or for that matter, any knife)? It seems extremely dangerous to just throw it in the dumpster, even if it's wrapped up real well.
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What's the proper way to dispose of used fats & oils?

Down the drain? Does it depend on the type? With bacon fat, I usually let it solidify in a cup lined with foil, and then throw it out. With used canola oil, I'm not quite sure what to do because it ...
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