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Is lemonade better when made with simple syrup?

On a hot summer day and with a basketful of lemons I often want a nice cold glass of lemonade. A lot of recipes suggest making lemonade with simple syrup, which requires cooking, whereas other recipes ...
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How to reduce the bitterness of tonic water in a non-alcoholic citrus drink?

After having a good fizzy lime drink recently, I decided to try mixing up some non-alcoholic drink options. Being completely ignorant of fizzy waters in general, I decided to go with tonic water to ...
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Will Cinnamon ever dissolve in a cocktail?

I have this idea, that making a cinnamon, vanilla and brandy cocktail would be delicious, and it is. But it is also kinda grainy. What I have been doing: In a 500ml glass, add 15m brandy, add 1/2 ...
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What factors lead to rich crema on espresso?

I love espresso, especially when it has a rich crema (the head that forms on top of a well made shot). I notice that some cafes produce this consistently while others never have more than a wisp on ...
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Poisonous Escoffier recipe?

I found a strange recipe in Escoffiers's Guide Culinaire: 2939 - CHERRY WATER Stone two lbs. of very ripe cherries, and rub them through a sieve. Put the purée into a basin with the stones crushed in ...
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What is the difference between "water/drink enhancers" and cordial?

I was doing a bit of internet browsing today, and I came across this image (linked rather than embedded because of copyright), which shows a bottle of hand disinfectant along with three bottles ...
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Why did people start using CO2 (instead of e.g. oxygen) for carbonated drinks?

I am curious about why those who invented carbonated drinks chose to use specifically carbon dioxide in the liquid, instead of some other gas (say, oxygen). (Obviously they wouldn't necessarily have ...
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What happens when you mix whiskey and water?

It is sometimes said that to best experience the flavor and aroma of a good whiskey (or whisky), one ought to add a bit of water. This practice is said to release flavors somehow. Is there any truth ...
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Is zesting lemons effective when making lemonade?

It's too hot. The air is oppressive and sticky, and it just keeps getting hotter... I need a nice, cold glass of lemonade. Fortunately, I have a bag of lemons and plenty of ice! So now the question ...
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Are there any scientific advantages to using a cork to stop a wine bottle?

Although I am by no means a connoisseur (I don't really even drink it) I have been investigating the various means by which wine bottles are stopped up. This was prompted by a negative reaction by a ...
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Coffee foam vs. Tea foam

One sign of really good fresh well-roasted coffee beans is foam. When you pour hot water into the French press, it foams, often forming a head up to 2" high. And when you use an espresso machine, ...
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What is the most effective way to extract mint flavor for a Mojito?

How can one prepare mint for a Mojito a way that will optimally extract its flavor? Are there any other factors that are important while making the drink?
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7 answers

Emulating Starbucks Frappuccino Cream Base

At Starbucks, the "Cream Based" (no coffee) frappuccinos all use a proprietary syrup base which I would like to emulate to be able to make a reasonable facsimile at home. When the baristas make a "...
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How Long Is Mint-Infused Water Safe to Drink?

I like to leave a few sprigs of mint leaf in bottled water overnight to give it some extra flavor. It's delicious, but recently I left one in the fridge while I was on vacation for five days. I ...
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How to make more than one good cup of coffee with a moka pot?

I have a moka pot I'm really happy with the coffee from this. However, after I've poured the first cup out, if I leave the heat on (however low), the coffee gets a metallic taste to it. If I turn ...
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Which drinks fit to a Thai Dish? [closed]

I plan to cook a thai dish this weekend and I search for drinks to serve along to that. In particular it will be a chicken dish with lemon gras. This is forked from another question of mine.
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How can I make milk cocoa powder so it does not stick to the top and bottom?

A package of milk cocoa powder contains "20% cocoa powder, sugar, emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavouring (vanillin)". I have tried to make cocoa milk drinks to cold milk but the cocoa stuck to the top ...
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Where to source Tapioca balls for Homemade Milk Tea?

Looking to make some bubble tea at home, not sure where to source the tapioca balls from. Local grocery stores don't seem to have them. Are these generally "balled" at home, or bought already in ...
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