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How to make elderberry extract

i have some fresh elderberries and i was thinking of making an extract with them, how would I do this, i know you have to leave it sitting in vodka but at what ratio? for how long? Should I crush the ...
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Are dried elderberries safe to eat?

I know that in order to eat elderberries in a safe way, one has to cook them beforehand. Today, I found out that dried elderberries are a thing. That new knowledge arose some questions on food safety: ...
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Are canned, unsweetened elderberries supposed to smell like blue cheese?

I know someone who recently water bath canned some blended-up elderberries without added sugar (it should be noted that elderberries aren't sweet in the first place). We ate a jar of it that didn't ...
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Using Elderberries in Cooking

I noticed that there's lots of elderberries near where I live, and I had an idea about making an elderberry brulee, but I'm sure that the elderberries would be a little too sharp if simply cooked. ...
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Can I add fresh elderberries or rosehips to homemade kombucha?

I have been making kombucha for several months now. I use green or white tea, flavored with hisbiscus, peach tea or other fruity teas to the mix. Since the elderberries, and rosehips are coming in ...
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When should I pick elderberries?

Having made lots of elderflower cordial from the bumper crop of elderflowers in the hedgerows near my home in June, I can now see that we are also in for a bumper crop of elderberries. How can tell ...
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