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Possible to get Sugar Syrup and Coconut Oil to solidify together (Emulsifier needed?)

I'm trying to make a 'magic-shell' like topping from burnt sugar syrup by mixing burnt sugar syrup (sugar + corn syrup heated until dark copper color, cooked with water until smooth) with coconut oil. ...
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How much (sunflower) lecithin should be used to emulsify each gram of fat in water?

I read around and haven't found a clear answer. Is there a minimum ratio of lecithin (preferably powder) to fat required to fully emulsify it in water? Does the amount of water matter? And does the ...
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Why did my chocolate icing exude its cocoa butter?

I tried making Corriher's "Luscious, creamy chocolate icing" for the first time. 340 g milk chocolate (I love Hershey's) 225 g semisweet chocolate 28 g light brown sugar a pinch of salt 5 ml ...
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Using a ultrasound homogenizer to increase meat juicyness

I saw a popular TV show where a cook competes against a scientist. They made a pork belly, the cook made a brine and injected the brine directly into the meat with a needle, and the scientist also ...
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Why would milk form a dense emulsion when warmed?

About a week ago, I noticed that the milk I had bought a few days before seemed to curdle in coffee -- if you haven't done this before, it can happen with sour milk, and separates into tiny cheese ...
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Do gums have any nutritional value?

Do gums (e.g., xanthan, guar, cellulose, glucomannan) have any nutritional value, or do they pass undigested like chewing gum does? Are there known allergies to any gums?
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Why do the majority of my batters keep splitting no matter what?

I have been baking for around 3 years now and I have been constantly having a problem with split batters for the past few months all of a sudden. After I add eggs, my cake, cookie, etc. batters slowly ...
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