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Questions about eating insects

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African palm oil locusts seasoning & preparation?

In Africa, frying locusts in palm oil is common. What kind of stores might sell them? What's the basic technique for frying them, and how would I add seasoning?
13 votes
2 answers

How to ensure quality control when cooking with or eating crickets?

Eating crickets seems to be a growing trend in the USA. I am quite familiar with beef, chicken, fish and their internal temperatures when cooking. I also understand that you don't need to cook ...
8 votes
3 answers

Can I make bread/pizza dough with only cricket flour and no wheat flour

I want to make bread and pizza dough, but all recipes I find online include other types of flours than the one I am interested in. Is it possible to make with only cricket flour? Acceptable ...
3 votes
6 answers

Are cockroaches a usable source of protein?

Bear with me, this is an entirely serious if not necessarily particularly practical question :) In The Damage Done, perhaps the best known notionally non-fiction Thai prison story (and, apparently, ...
7 votes
1 answer

Are insects bought as pet food safe for human consumption?

I want to try some cooking with insects. So far I found no shop in my town selling insects for human consumption, and online shops I found (so far) where really expensive (10-40€/100g!). So I'm ...
9 votes
5 answers

How to cook insects?

I love touring and I am trying to cut my dependency on my protein sources such as soy powder, beans and other supermarket stuff. Touring is a bit like camping but with longer distances and a bike. So ...