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Enzymatic browning is caused by a combination of enzymes and damage to cells, for example, a cut apple will turn brown in free air. It can be retarded by the presence of anti-oxidants, for example putting cut apple slices in water acidulated with lemon juice (ascorbic acid (a.k.a. vitamin C) is an anti-oxidant).

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Building multiple fonds while cooking/multiple deglazing

First time poster. I'm just a home chef that makes meals once a week, but I've been recently gifted a dutch oven and would like to up my sauce game a bit. I am perhaps too quick to deglaze with a tiny ...
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Can I ferment black bananas like black garlic?

Can the black garlic process 70°C, 85% humidity, 30+ days, apply to bananas? Will alkaline PH help?
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Using a browning dish to microwave meat

In general: Would the meat need to be covered while cooking, and if so with what? (There's no cover for my dish, and I assume plastic wrap would melt). How much time would the extra heat reduce the ...
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browning meat in Dutch oven--why doesn't it work for me?

A stew recipe I was using said to brown the meat in the Dutch oven first. I tried to--added oil and let it get hot on the stove top with lid off. However, the meat did not appear to brown as much as, ...
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How to prevent carrot juice from turning brown?

I've been juicing up carrots with a centrifugal juice extractor. There's a lot of overhead (prep and cleanup) so it makes sense to do a big batch and keep it in the fridge for a couple of days. ...
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Why did my red chili powder turn brown?

When fresh , it was pure red in color. But after a couple of months it turned brown. Its home made so no case of adulteration.
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