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How much (sunflower) lecithin should be used to emulsify each gram of fat in water?

I read around and haven't found a clear answer. Is there a minimum ratio of lecithin (preferably powder) to fat required to fully emulsify it in water? Does the amount of water matter? And does the ...
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What are these green and black marks in my tallow?

I bought some tallow, used it a few times then left it in the fridge for a few months. As you can see in the pic it has developed some green and black spots. What are these and what caused it? Is ...
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Is coconut oil the most saturated plant-based oil?

Looking through the oils that can be used to make soaps on, I saw that coconut oil has a very high saturated fat content: 77%! Cow butterfat is comprised of only 53% saturated fat. Is ...
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What are these yellowish/white bumps on my cooked bacon?

This bacon was expired by 1 day, I smelled it and made sure it didn’t look weird before cooking it. After I cooked the bacon I noticed these yellowish bumps on some of the pieces. Is it mold? Is it ...
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Do you need to boil the liquid used to make the perfect hot water pastry?

Scalding flour is the process where the flour starch is gelatinised by the addition of very hot water (See I'm assuming here that a very similar ...
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Under what conditions does the fat in durum wheat semolina go rancid and how can you tell?

I have a packet of wholewheat couscous that is three months past its best before date but was stored in optimal, cool dry conditions. On opening the pack, there was a distinctive but not unpleasant &...
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Vegetable suet without the palm oil, or an equivalent?

I use Atora vegetable suet* to make Christmas pudding. I might be giving it to vegetarians, at least in a normal year, and I'd rather avoid unnecessary meat products myself. With the leftover suet ...
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Is it possible to make tallow smell like sausage instead of tallow?

Mix the liquid tallow with a bunch of spices, that's it? Works for ground beef that has 40% fat