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What is difference between Greek and Danish feta cheese?

I see both version and was wondering what the difference between the two is?
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Why is my home-made feta cheese bland?

I tried making feta cheese yesterday. I used a mesophilic culture from a well-known cheese supply house and it doesn’t have the “bite” I like with feta. The company I ordered my original kit from is ...
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Salinity of brine for feta storage

The feta package I bought does not have enough liquid to cover the cheese once opened. I would like make a brine to cover the block of cheese. How saline does the brine have to be to store feta? How ...
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Unopened refrigerated Feta cheese over a year old [duplicate]

I wanted to find out if the feta, discussed in a prior question from 2015, that was almost a year old was eaten without any gastric issues. I too have unopened feta that smells, tastes, and looks fine....
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Can crumbled feta cheese last almost a year?

This question talks about feta cheese in a brine or milk bath lasting up to three months. What about crumbled feta? I was looking through the fridge, and found a 1/2 pound open container of crumbled ...
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Can you really keep feta for 3 months in a milk bath?

I just came across some instructions on how to store feta cheese, mentioning you can keep it for about 3 months in the fridge in a brine or milk bath: Store the cheese in a brine or milk bath if you ...
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Why does feta taste so terribly salty when grilled?

I love feta cheese, and I can't get enough of it, just like my family. But unlike them, I only eat it raw. I can't stand the grilled feta sandwiches my mother eats every morning for breakfast, and the ...
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