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2 answers

Swedish/Finnish dinner pancakes

I was reading a Moomin book (Comet in Moominland) recently and there was a part in which Moomintroll and Sniff fry up some pancakes for dinner (40). I don't know if these are normal pancakes or if ...
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1 answer

Looking for a Finnish bread name and recipe

About 20 years ago, I went to Finland to visit a friend and I had the opportunity to stay with her and her parents. They treated me with home-made meals. It was really good. I remember that they ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Closest substitute for alder wood chips when smoking?

In Finland, the tree of choice for smoking is alder (leppä), but this is difficult to find in Australia and close to impossible to import due to biosecurity restrictions. What's my best substitute? ...
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Does anybody recognize this Finnish dill sauce?

My husband brought back a homemade sour cream dill sauce from Finland. It was thick, perhaps with a puréed vegetable, but I couldn't taste cucumber or the like. There is definitely some texture there. ...
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