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Questions tagged [fish]

For questions about animals that live under water, whether fresh water or salt water.

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Does resting fish before serving affect its texture or taste?

More and more recipes seem to turn up that tell you to rest fish before serving. Not for very long, but still. That seems not right to me. You rest meat to reabsorb juices and relax,so it seems more ...
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Are sardines I order in Winter farmed?

In Portugal and Spain, there are quite strict quota regulations limiting fishing to late Spring, Summer and early Autumn: quota regulations for sardines. Those quotas regulate the fishing of "...
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Where can I buy piranha in UK?

I've heard that piranha is delicious (for some) and I'm curious about it. I live in Surrey, UK. I've checked various supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsburuy's, ...) and found nothing. Even Amazon says "...
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How to use Gouramy fish sauce?

Out of curiosity I bought some Gouramy fish sauce: The jar contains a mixture of a very salty sauce and some fish chunks. However, the bones have not been removed and the chunks are rather chewy. ...
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Which side up (with skin or not) to put a salmon slice when microwaving?

It is a quick meal only of course but still interesting how better. There are raw salmon slices available for sale here. They are flat and have a skin on one side, that can be either upper or lower ...
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Why was fish cut open at supermarket?

I bought some whole mackerel at the supermarket yesterday and I found when I opened the package that the fish had had their belly cut open but they had not been cleaned. Obviously it is really bad to ...
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Why can only white fish be already gutted on board the ship?

I stumbled upon the wikipedia article about white fish: Unlike oily fish, white fish contain oils only in their liver, rather than in their gut, and can therefore be gutted as soon as they are ...
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Could oxidation of oil in frozen fish be causing smell which I am mistakening for overcooking?

I posted some questions about overcooking whitebait and am wondering if the cause of this smell, since it appears so quickly is overcooking or fish oil oxidation. I found the following which makes me ...
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Why does frozen then cooked fish smell more and what is this smell?

I have noticed that if I quickly simmer whitebait(and sometimes other fish which was frozen at sea) in water the fish/water quickly becomes smelly. I doubt it's overcooking smell because the smell ...
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Why do frozen fishes have incision in the body?

I've bought a lot of frozen fishes say a pompano or mackerels. I've noticed that whenever i defrost the fishes, all of them have a small incision in the stomach and these fishes are almost never bled ...
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How does bacterial contamination grow on food, and is the standard advice to cook your food to a high internal temperature wrong?

The standard advice, for both steak and fish is to cook them to an internal temperature of 160 degrees to kill any bacterial contamination. Is this overly simplistic advice that's mostly incorrect? ...
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Best bets for fresh fish for sushi/sashimi?

Assuming a big city on the Easter Seaboard in the U.S. with a fresh fish market, what would you say are the best bets for sushi-grade freshness when it comes to types of fish? What I have done before ...
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