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What's the recommended method of cooling flan out of the oven?

I just baked 8 individual flans and want to know how to cool them. What is the best way to handle the cooling process so that I don't damage the flan and make it easy for them to extract? I want to ...
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How can I make my the colour of non-dairy flan more like a classic flan?

Hello Seasoned Advice community, I'm looking for some flan advice please! Thanks in advance for your answers. A family member has a dairy allergy, so for several years have been swapping cow milk out ...
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How do I distribute fillings evenly in flan/pudding mix?

I bought the following flan/pudding I followed the instructions: 300 ml of cold milk add content of the package beat 3 minutes until fluffy However the small pieces of chocolate were all on ...
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I made a flan, added lime zest and grated ginger, and it was a flop. What is happening?

I tried cooking it an extra few minutes, but the flan was runny and looked a bit like scrambled eggs. I have tried this before, and it worked. this time, I added more lime zest and ginger root for a ...
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Scraping Caramel for Flan

America's Test Kitchen proposes the following recipe as their "Perfect Latin Flan" (pg. 785, The Complete America's Test Kitchen Cookbook 2001-2016): This recipe should be made at least 1 ...
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Ratio of liquid/glucomannan/xanthan gum for flan or Walden Farms dip

I'm hoping someone can offer suggestions for what a good ratio of glucomannan and xanthan gum per volume liquid to thicken a flavored liquid(water consistency w/o thickeners) into a result that has a ...
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What is a flan pan called?

I love making (Filipino) leche flan for my wife and I. However, I use a 9" round cake pan that I wedge into a 9"x13" cake pan, which I fill with water until it just touches the bottom of the cake pan. ...
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Can I salvage undercooked flan

I nearly doubled a flan recipe and didn't cook it enough, and so now it's not set. It's been in my fridge for about 18 hours. Do you think I can put it back in the oven for 20-30 minutes or so? ...
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How to customize the softness of custards like flan?

How do you dial in the right amount of thickness vs soft melt in your mouth style? These are what I believe affect it: Ratio of eggs to milk egg yolk to egg white ratio condensed, evaporated, ...
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How to brown the sugar for pumpkin flan?

I've made pumpkin flan from the following recipe I follow the instructions to a tee: "In a ...
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How do you make the sauce that is underneath Flan?

My favorite Flan always has that nice light brown sauce underneath, is there a way to prepare that from scratch?
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