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How to reproduce the effects of adding a tin of chopped tomatoes to naan bread recipe?

A recipe for "red naan bread" [1] results in very satisfyingly thick naan breads, thicker than other (unstuffed) ones. The key difference from other naan recipes seems to be adding a tin of ...
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What type of Bread Improver should one use for non-yeast bread?

From what people are telling me, there would be no benefit from using S-500 and similar bread and dough conditioners on an unleavened, non-yeast dough. What would you recommend for such types of ...
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Reducing flour coating on flatbreads

Bit of a problem with flatbreads: the flour on them is excessive. I tried cornstarch and oats instead. I have 3 different brushes for getting the flour off them. For those wondering: it's sourdough ...
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