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Can aquafaba be used in place of flax egg as a binding agent?

I'm interested in following a recipe for lentil wellington. The recipe uses "flax egg", a mixture of ground flax and water, as a binding agent for the lentil and vegetable loaf. My ...
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Should I rinse the flax seeds after soaking them when making flax milk?

I started making my own non-dairy milk. Having looked at multiple recipes, I saw that some call for soaking the flax seeds before processing them to make milk. My questions regarding making flax ...
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Do I need to boil flax seed egg substitute?

Most recipes I've seen for flax “eggs” simply say to mix 1 tbsp of ground flax seed with 3 tbsp of water and chill, but I read a recipe (I think it was for vegan cookies) that said to boil the mixture ...
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how is flaxseed processed for consumption

What part of flaxseed plant is actually consumed? What processes are done after harvest? Just want to know what we eat and how it is procured.
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Do I need to wash the flax and sesame seeds before grinding them?

I have a bag of flax seeds and a bag of sesame seeds from Food to Live at Amazon. I want to grind them in a coffee grinder, and eat their powder. For food safety and health consideration and best ...
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Does flax seed lose its nutritional properties after it's ground up? [closed]

I am from Santiago, Chile. Here, there's a rumour that smashed (ground) flax seed loses its properties in around 4 hours. Do you know anything about this? Basically, the rumors say that the flax seed ...
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Do flax seeds lose their fiber if cooked?

I found a recipe on the internet in which half a cup of ground flax seeds are added to the mixture to make muffins. Since there is flour and sugar in it I was wondering if that defeats the purpose of ...
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Should flax seeds be crushed to be a good egg substitute?

When I'm looking up egg substitutes, one of the easiest (for me) is making a slurry of flax seeds and water. However, I noticed there is a difference between using the flax seeds whole and breaking ...
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What differences are there between Chia and Flax Eggs?

In substituting Flax Eggs (milled/ground flax seeds in a water slurry, after they congeal) for regular eggs, I have found them to be a versatile aide in baking and thickening any number of dishes. I ...
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