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What is the purpose of resting non yeast flour dough?

When making something like flour tortillas, which don't call for yeast in the dough, it's called for to have the dough rest for about an hour before forming to a tortilla and cooking. What is the ...
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Benefits for different fats for flour tortillas?

There seems to be no standard fat for making flour tortillas. I've seen recipes using lard, shortening, butter, olive oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil. Is there a reason I would pick one of these ...
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tortilla recipe with longest shelf life

I searched for tortilla recipes and I found several, sometimes very different one from another - for instance, Mexican ones are mostly made with wheat flour while other ones are made with white corn ...
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What to do when too much shortening is added to flour?

I was trying to make some homemade flour tortillas, but I made a mistake and I added ~9oz of shortening to 4.5 cups of flour. I'm unsure what to do with the flour mixture because I do not want just ...
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How to get flour quesadilla light and crispy?

My homemade quesadillas made with flour tortillas always come out hard, dry and crunchy instead of light and crispy. I spray the tortillas with a little Pam (spray oil), lay one tortilla oil-side-...
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How do I defrost frozen flour tortillas?

There is a wide variety of suggestions about how to thaw frozen flour tortillas. What works best?
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How to make big, fluffy "Mexican-style" flour tortillas (without using any special machinery)?

Flour tortillas are so bloody expensive (and rare!) outside of the U.S. so I'd like to make my own. A friend taught me how to make some ages ago, but I stopped because they were always weird and I ...
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How to Make Home-made Flour Tortilla Bowls for Salads?

I have tried a couple ways to do this and they have been OK. Of course, when I worked in industrial kitchens, using a deep fryer and a stainless steel potato masher (but larger) was ideal, but ...
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