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Questions should be about flour (wheat or any other kind) uses, storage, etc.

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Sponge cake: how the proportions of the ingredients change the result

The common recipe (at least in Italy) for sponge cake is: total weight of eggs (yolks + whites) = X sugar = flour = 2/3 X I'm aware that the ratio of the ingredients affect the final result. For ...
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White sauce with a deliberate raw-flour taste

A local Chinese restaurant serves what they call Portuguese Chicken: a small casserole dish with a bed of rice, pieces of crispy-fried chicken, sauce, and a sprinkling of (Parmesan?) cheese, lightly ...
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Reconstitute all purpose wheat flour from starch and gluten

Due to the recent events (COVID-19) the groceries stores' shelves are totally wiped of flour of any grains. I have not found flour for roughly a week. Now the shelves are still stocked well with ...
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Could oat flour be the cause of gritty texture in chic chip cookies?

I use the creaming method with electric mixer. I bought oat flour (did not make it). I’ve tried adding egg yolk and sifting. I don’t want anyone to tell that I’m not using regular flour by the texture....
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Mix AP and bread flour for bagels?

I live in a rural part of the country. NO BAGEL SHOPS! I've started experimenting on making my own. Bread flour makes the end product too dense. AP flour too light. Recipe calls for 4 cups bread flour ...
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Reducing flour coating on flatbreads

Bit of a problem with flatbreads: the flour on them is excessive. I tried cornstarch and oats instead. I have 3 different brushes for getting the flour off them. For those wondering: it's sourdough ...
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Why can you eat raw oat flour but not raw wheat flour?

I see recipes that use raw oat flour. But I have read that eating raw wheat flour causes samonella. What is it about oats that allows you to eat them raw?
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