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Foil wrap cooking fully assembled burger in George Foreman grill?

If I seal a burger, complete with bun, in tin foil, and cook it in a George Foreman grill... Will the burger cook through without the bread burning? Will the bread burn or potentially cause a fire? ...
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Culinary purpose of frying pan foil sheet for cooking fish? (not wrapped in foil)

I came across some videos about how to cook mackerel (Chef Saito's Saikyo-zuke with Spanish Mackerel [Japanese Cooking] - Dining with the Chef) and several of them recommended the use of a "fish ...
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Is non-stick aluminum foil safe to use on the grill?

Is non-stick aluminum foil safe to use on the grill? My personal grill is propane. I'm concerned that using this for a foil packet style of cooking will heat the non-stick so hot that it degrades. Not ...
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Wrapping in aluminun foil and place it in a skillet pan

If I wrap something in aluminum foil and place it inside a non-stick skillet pan while cooking something is that something that could e.g. ruin the pan or ruin the food? Specifically I had in mind ...
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Poaching a whole fish: kettle or foil?

Some friends and i would like to poach a whole salmon, weighing four to five kilograms. There are two ways we could do this: in a fish kettle, or wrapped in aluminium foil in the oven (is that "en ...
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4 answers

Banana bread in disposable foil plates

I am considering using a disposable foil plate to bake banana bread. Is this advisable or can it be harmful? If it is acceptable, how will I amend the temperature and cooking time versus the original ...
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Beginner chef in need of advice [closed]

I have little experience and little money. I would like to know beginner recipes that are well rounded. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, still pretty new.
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2 answers

Do foil packets on a charcoal grill get any flavor from the smoke?

I am planning on cooking steaks and vegetables in sealed foil packets on my charcoal grill and I just realized that foil can make a pretty good seal around the food. Will I be unable to get any of the ...
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3 answers

What does tin foil do when baking a pot pie?

If you buy a pot pie at the store, the cooking instructions say to fold a strip of tinfoil around the edge before putting it in the oven. I've seen what happens if I forget to do this: the edge gets ...
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Why are roasts wrapped in foil?

I wrapped a piece of beef brisket in foil and slow roasted it last week. It was the beefiest tasting beef that I've ever had. So now I'm wondering, was it beefy because it was a nice piece of ...
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Is it wise to use an aluminum foil in the microwave? Is there a substitute for the aluminum foil?

I was recently looking up a recipe for quick Chawanmushi and came across a recipe which used aluminum foil in the microwave. First of all, I thought that aluminum foil, with it's jagged edges would ...
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Substituting freezer paper for parchment paper

I am making a brisket and the recipe calls for coating the meat with a tomato-based rub, which means I can't simply cover with foil... that would leave an unsavory taste in the rub because the ...
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How does foil protect a sandwich in the [toaster] oven?

If I wrap a sandwich in foil and toast it, the entire sandwich seems to warm more evenly, so I don't get burnt edges of bread. Can someone explain what is going on here? I assume it has something to ...
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Chicken in Tin Foil in the Oven: Any tips or advices on spices or wrapping?

[I'm an amateur that experiments.] I recently realized I like chicken wrapped in tin foil after using salt, pepper and oregano on it, in 250C for up to 2 hours. Also, I used sliced lemon on parts of ...
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Shiny side or not for foil?

Does it make any difference when you wrap food with aluminum foil for grilling or baking or making a steam pouch whether you put the shiny side in or the shiny side out? I've seen at least one answer ...
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