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What's the science behind citrate's emulsifying power in cheese sauces?

Given citric and tartaric acid can help make a good fondue, how on earth does the non-acidic citrate work? What's the exact science behind sodium citrate? Do they all work by removing the effects of ...
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What is the difference between fondue and cheese sauce? And do both need to be kept warm to be remain melted?

I like KFC style cheese sauce that is (optionally) served with breaded chicken. And now, at Christmas, I found that a kitchen appliance labeled "raclette and fondue" is at discount. But I ...
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looking for an idea for "fondue alternative" dish, that can be served in a buffet

I'm looking for an idea for a dish with fondue taste (mainly the combination of cheese and wine \ beer), but which can be served in a buffet (without constant heating, and something that can be eaten ...
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Keeping fondue warm

It’s chilly out. Fondue time! I have no problem making fondue, but keeping it warm for my guests has presented a little bit of a problem. My proposed solution is to scoop the fondue into an enameled ...
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Equipment: Intense candle for nabemono. What is it?

I went to a Japanese Nabemono (Chankonabe?) place, in Tokyo. The meal was basically a hot pot. But instead of the typical small candle or small methanol pot/gel I've seen used elsewhere, they had a ...
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Additional dipping sauces for cheese fondue?

I have the fondue set pictured below (picture is of the box of the set): I will be using it for the first time and see that on the picture of the box there are saucers with additional sauces/dips. I ...
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Why you can't reverse cheese curdling in fondue?

I was wondering why you can't "fix" or reverse a "curdled" cheese fondue sauce? As some of you know - I am taking a scientific approach to cooking and am now fiddling with cheese fondue. I got three ...
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Can I use a fondue bourguignonne set to make cheese fondue?

I have a fondue bourguignonne set (this model). Can I use it to make cheese fondue? The manual explicitly says that it is not suitable for chocolate fondue, but it says nothing about cheese fondue. (...
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What's a good fondue alternative that would fit in a social gathering of fondue eaters for someone who dislikes all kinds of cheese? [closed]

We're hosting a fondue-gluttony outside in the snow with friends, and one of them doesn't like cheese at all. Do you have any ideas what we could offer him instead and still would fit in the concept ...
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Why does adding commercial processed cheese to fondue change its consistency?

I like to experiment with cheese fondues. I've had good results with the traditional Emmentaler and Gruyère mixture, but the best result I've had was when I added some cheese from the supermarket ...
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Best heat source for fondue? Will an induction cooktop work?

I recently visited a fondue restaurant, which had a cooktop built into the table. By all appearances, the cooktop appeared to be an induction cooktop, but I wasn't sure; it could have simply been a ...
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How to keep a chocolate fondue in a liquid form?

I'm trying to make chocolate fondue for dessert to serve in a restaurant on Valentines Day. What should I do to prevent the chocolate fondue from burning during heating, and setting as it cools.
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How do I get the butter out of my chocolate fondue?

In my chocolate fondue, I used butter to help it melt smoothly. Now, after the meal, I want to use the left over chocolate. There is a slight sheen of oil on the chocolate and, in the refrigerator, ...
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Why did this fondue become grainy and lumpy?

We made some fondue the other night, and instead of being a nice smooth dippable fondue texture, it came out grainy and lumpy. What went wrong? Here's the recipe that we used: 1 clove garlic 3/4 ...
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What role does alcoholic liquid play in cheese fondue recipes?

Pretty much every recipe I've seen for cheese fondue includes either white wine (sometimes alongside kirsch/brandy) or some kind of beer in the delicious cheesy sauce. Why is the added liquid (...
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Why does fondue sometimes "curdle" and what can I do to prevent it?

Once when I was making a pretty standard fondue (50% gruyere, 50% emmenthal, white wine) the cheese somehow "curdled" and became a mix of a slightly fondue-tasting liquid and a rubbery ball of cheese, ...
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Best oil for fondue usage

What is the correct (or best) oil to use for fondue?
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What is the best wine to use in a fondue recipe?

Assuming I'm willing to pull out all the stops, what is the best wine to use in a "standard" gruyere-based fondue, like this one?
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Why does my fondue call to wipe the pot with garlic?

I got a Le Creuset fondue pot a year or two ago. Since then, we've found a bunch of great cheese fondue recipes, but there's a common thread that makes no sense to me. Often times, a recipe will call ...
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Uses for fondue broth?

I had meat fondue last night: beef, chicken, and shrimp cooked in a simple vegetable broth at the table. When we were finished eating, the broth was thrown away. I could only help but wonder: are ...
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Fondue without Gruyere cheese

Can you give me some good tips how to prepare Fondue without Gruyere/Raclete cheese? What are possible substitutes, and what should I pay attention to when substituting?
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