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Questions tagged [food-identification]

When you can provide photos or description of a food you've seen or heard of but don't know its English name.

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5 answers

What is the difference between kosher dill pickles and Polish dill pickles?

What is the difference in taste between kosher dill pickles and polish dill pickles? Do they have any visual distinctions that would make it possible to differentiate between them on sight?
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10 answers

What is this fungus/lichen in my Garam Masala? (“Trifle”/truffle?)

I just bought a lovely bag of Garam Masala, and was all ready to grind some when I got home! But when I opened it, I found something I didn’t recognise — at first I thought something had gone mouldy, ...
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3 answers

What are these spaghetti-like strings in the rice I got from a Turkish shop?

I bought some rice from Turkish shop and as you can see in the picture it came with this spaghetti like strings with it, I’m not referring to the green stuff. Do you know what it is and would it have ...
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What are "Honey Bubbles" and how are they made?

I recently had the thrilling privilige of eating a Kaiseki meal at Kichisen in Kyoto. One of the meal's many highlights was a desert course consisting of a large citrus fruit filled with jelly and ...
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What are 'boiling potatoes'?

If a recipe calls for 'boiling potatoes', what variety(ies) is it referring to, and why? Example Recipes: Punjabi-Style Cauliflower and Potatoes with Ginger (Aloo Gobi) Potato and Cauliflower Curry ...
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7 votes
1 answer

What is this seed pod?

Every now and then I come across this seed pod when I order Baingan Bharta (aka Punjabi Eggplant) from my favorite Indian restaurant. They're roughly 2cm (3/4 inch) long and about as thick as a ...
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What gives Vietnamese Chicken the red tint?

A local oriental restaurant used to sell "Vietnamese Chicken", a hot plate dish of big chunks of chicken breast with onion and spices. The distinguishing feature of the dish was a deep red tint of the ...
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2 answers

What is the Chinese celery and cabbage appetizer called and how is it made?

My favorite Chinese restaurant for 30 years closed a few months ago. Back many years ago they had an appetizer that they served when you were seated that was excellent. It was very simple, only ...
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What kind of cheese "skin" is this?

I regularly buy Frico's Beech Wood Smoked Processed Cheese but there's this outer layer, kind of like a skin that I don't understand what it is really. Label, just in case: The cheese is, firstly, ...
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4 answers

What would you call this cut of pork?

I got a cut from an asian grocery store yesterday that was labeled as Pork Belly, but what I got is this: That's the top-down view; the cut is under an inch thick. There's a portion in the upper ...
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