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Questions tagged [food-identification]

When you can provide photos or description of a food you've seen or heard of but don't know its English name.

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Can anyone identify this RED GINSENG CANDY?

Can anyone identify this RED GINSENG CANDY? Do you know where to buy? In 1992, a realtor in Edison, NJ, gave me one of these wonderful candies. She didn't know where to buy more because the ...
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What could hair-like protrusions from a banana's surface be?

I was peeling a banana, and noticed thin, hair-like protrusions coming from the stem-side top of the fruit. There were only 5 or 6, and they were sticking straight up, about an inch in height. At ...
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Fruit identification - Fruit bought in China

Does anyone know what this fruit is? I bought some from a lady in Yangshuo, China. It’s sweet and crunchy. Tastes a bit like an apricot mixed with a peach... Fruit and seed shown in picture. I have ...
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Sweet and sticky potato

I have just made very simple french fries (cutting and frying in oil) with some potatoes bought today that turned out to be very different to my usual potatoes. They taste quite sweet, almost in the ...
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Help identify a chicken peruvian (?) dish

In 2019 a dish was served to me (in the Iquitos area if it helps), which I can't find anywhere, since I don't know it's name. I only remember that it was chicken thighs (maybe also wings), in a brown ...
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Baked chocolate cake type dessert with 'sticky' top

I am in the UK and in my 60's. My Mum used to make a cake in the oven that was heavy cake like at the bottom, but was still slightly sticky on top. Can anyone tell me if they know of this and what it ...
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What Aromatic Fragrance that can be used in mouth fresher?

i am making mouth fresher(Paan Mukhwas in Hindi) in my home and for that one of ingredient is written as Aromatic Fragrance and i am confused what are the exactly.please could someone pls tell what is ...
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