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Questions tagged [food-processing]

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How should I prepare my Hens and Chicks to eat?

I heard a Hens and Chicks was edible. how do I prepare them?
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What Impact Does Meat Curing/Preservation Have on Nutritional Content?

I am currently trying to research nutritional facts for cured meats and other preserved foods. In specific, I am looking for any information about the caloric impact that preservation methods might ...
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How to shop for a food processor capable of pulverizing plant material to a fine powder?

I would like to pulverize a variety of plant matter (including whole leaves with stems) into a very fine powder. From what I've read, a food processor is better at this than a blender. With the ...
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After few day of plastick bag packing of Tomato sauce increase the size of it and produce gas in plastic bag

I am one small manufacturer of tomato sauce and dates sauce . And my question is regarding preservative i.e we make tomato sauce and paking it in plastic bag after few day this paket size increasing ...
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