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Ammonia in food

Are there processed foods (traditionally processed or in a modern factory) where we, or the manufacturer, deliberately add ammonia into it, so that we ingest the ammonia with the food? If so, what is ...
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Can you make a French Buttercream in a food processor? (Experiment Results)

Unless I get a credible and resounding NO! very soon, I'm going to give it a shot. I've recently started using my food processor for more and more whipped egg (not whipped egg white) applications, and ...
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Glass Food Processor

I would like to know if anybody here might know of a glass food processor product name. I'm trying to avoid plastic. Any ideas?
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What makes the 'Cat poo' coffee (Kopi Luwak) flavour worth drinking?

I'm actually on the hunt for this coffee in Melbourne, being it's such a coffee-oriented city: Where can I buy a cup of 'cat poo' coffee (Kopi Luwak) in Melbourne?, but while discussing it in the ...
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Blender vs food processor vs juicer

When should a blender be used instead of a food processor or instead of a juicer? I'm planning on investing in one of them. I would use if for making smoothies and beverages. I've got a Magic Bullet ...
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In industrially produced soup, how does each can contain equal parts of all ingredients?

In the soup that you get at the store, how come you never get cans of just broth? You'd think that if the soup were made in a large vat, the first few cans would have very little broth and the last ...
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How do they extract kernels from sunflower seeds in mass production?

Every time I seed a gunny sack of sunflower seed kernels in a supermarket, I wonder how they are extracted from their seeds. It is very difficult to extract even one of them by hand without smashing ...
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How much foreign substance can I add to processed cheese?

Recently, I decided to make myself a soup with a new kind of cheese nockerln. For the nockerln, I wanted to make nut-mushroom cheese. I used roughly equal amounts of emmentaler, portobellos (pureed) ...
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Technical name for a manual food processor

I am looking to buy a food processor to do very small batches of fruit and vegetables. Very basic, very cheap....and i am looking for something manual(not electricity). Is there a manual version ...
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How Can I Make Flour More White When Under Process In Flour Mill

My father is a flour miller. He wants to know how he can make wheat, or flour more specifically, whiter during the milling process. Is there anything that can be done before in preparation or after ...
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