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Serious device for making hummus at home

The problem: I'm faced with the challenge of scaling up my homemade hummus production to a larger batch size, aiming to process anywhere from 0.5 to 1kg of raw chickpeas at once. My Attempts: Using a ...
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Hand cranked food processors: do the blades go dull?

My friend suggested getting a hand cranked food processor to save time. I'm skeptical of if this a good idea due to the possibility of the blades wearing out. Is this a justified concern? If so, is ...
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Add butter cubes into sugar and egg mixture. Can food processor cream the butter in this situation?

I accidentally added butter cubes into egg & sugar mixture and it turned out grainy and unable to incorporate.I was trying to salvage the cookie dough by adding all of the mixture into food ...
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Kitchen Aid classic, speed difference between level 8 and 10

I have one simple question. I have bought Kitchen Aid classic. When I have tried to run it, I didn't notice any difference in speed between level 8 and 10. Is it normal or it is broken?
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Are blenders and food processors usually rated in terms of average wattage or peak wattage?

I saw the Ninja blender and food processors were advertised as "peak wattage 1500." Some other blending machines at a similar price range had lower wattage, but most of them did not say &...
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When should one knead dough in a food processor vs. a stand mixer?

Every now and then I come across a bread recipe that calls for a food processor to mix and knead the dough. I know it's very quick, but is it actually the right tool for the job? This recipe calls for ...
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What is this Kenwood food processor attachment for?

We've recently acquired a food processor, and can't work out for the life of us what this attachment does. The manual, and Googling, hasn't helped. Here's the attachment: And here's the food ...
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What is the best type of machine for making smooth nut butter?

I want to make nut butter from soaked cashews or soaked pepitas. I am wondering what type of machine will get the smoothest product? I am currently using a food processor which is great for cashews ...
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Ought food processor blades be sharpened or replaced?

My grandparents are deliberating if they need a food processor, and if using knives is easier. They They can pay any amount ≤ $999 CAD. Consider only Consumer Reports's top 3 food processors. I'm ...
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How to make nut butter without a food processor?

I want to make peanut butter and almond butter. My food processor heated after a couple of minutes last time, so this time I first used a mortar and pestle to grind it a little and then use the ...
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What are the main differences between a stand mixer, a countertop blender and a food processor?

I'm looking to replace my countertop blender. Since my kitchen space is rather limited, I was doing some research to see if there are any "multipurpose" devices. I found out that there are also stand ...
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Can we make peanut butter with 500W mixer?

I tried making peanut butter with 500w mixer but peanut is not secreating oil, is there any way to make peanut butter?
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What is the way to "mince" stew meat using a machine?

I have a bolognese sauce recipe that says to cook a mixture of pork and beef stew meat, and then mince the meat. With garden tomatoes in season, I would like to make a very large batch to either ...
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Can a "kitchen machine" appliance and a food processor fully replace each other in baking applications? If not, what are the limitations? [closed]

Should I expect that the whisking/dough-kneading abilities of a multi-purpose appliance that appears to more of a food processor, such as the following... Be comparable to those of a multi-purpose ...
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