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Clams partly open with tongues sticking out - have they gone bad?

I bought my steamer clams yesterday, they've been in my fridge for just 24 hours. They were sitting on ice at the grocery store and at the time they were all closed. When I went to get them tonight, ...
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How can I tell if a broth carton with a twist cap is sealed?

Many companies offer broth in a box carton with a twist-off cap. In the US, these are usually 32 oz cartons but may be other sizes as well. Twisting the cap breaks a foil seal underneath, allowing one ...
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Green lump in the middle of lamb meat

I have bought a fresh half leg of lamb today and there was a big disgusting green lump in the middle of it's fat. I'd like to know what it is and what should I do with the meat? Would anyone be able ...
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How do I know if a Hello Fresh shipment is ... fresh?

We recently received a Hello Fresh box as a gift. However, due to snowstorms in the area, it arrived four days late, and I'm sure that extra time was spent on a truck or on a shelf in a shipping ...
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How quickly does pesto lost flavor when kept cold but exposed to air?

I work at a supermarket chain deli, which has some unique food preservation needs not answered by the information I have been able to find, which mostly assumes people are storing food in their home ...
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How to distinguish correctly if a long stored coconut oil is still usable?

I have just discovered there is a passed BBD (best before date) purified coconut in the storage. This is also the first time for me to know what is a purified coconut because of the search/research of ...
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Do pre-packaged chocolate truffles (e.g., Lindt) remain flavorful months after their best by date?

I often prepare mini chocolate fruit puddings (in shot glasses), by combining fresh fruit and a melted truffle for guests; as a quick hors-d'oeuvre. I found a bulk package available, but they're short-...
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Does the strength of the barrier between egg yolk and white indicate freshness?

Often you can plop eggs out of the shell on a pan nicely, so that the yolk remains whole and doesn't leak out to mix with the white. But other times, the barrier between the yolk and the white is so ...
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Do eggs have to be very fresh for baking?

Assuming an egg is old but still good (not rotten or otherwise detrimental to health compared to a fresh egg): Does it make a difference whether I use this egg or a freshly laid one in baking?
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What is the Best Way to Keep Digestive Biscuits Fresh

I bought a bunch of biscuit packets (ginger nut, digestives, bourbon biscuits) and couldn't resist opening a pack or two to try them. Now I'm afraid they'll go stale if I just leave them half opened. ...
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Ground beef stays pink for 10 days, doesn’t seem right

I have a 1-lb package of 80/20 ground beef that seemed unnaturally pink. Did not open it for 10 days. Refrigerated, not frozen. Still within the “use by” date. But it’s still totally bright pink, none ...
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Acrid taste on King Crab Legs

I bought some crab legs on Monday night. I steamed them on Tuesday night. I couldn't have more than a bite; the taste and aroma was that of ammonia, although the taste itself did not taste poisonous....
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When to cook week old moose meat? [duplicate]

I have obtained a large chunk of approximately week old moose meat that has been never stored in a freezer. I'm planning to eat it during the next week or two. I cut it to 8 smaller steak-sized ...
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How to find/properly cook fresh Baby Squids?

So, I've had some difficulties with Squid. I think my favorite style of squid is the type you can find at a Chinese Buffet - big chunks of squid, where a slice of a tentacle can be the size of your ...
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Is it safe for me to eat a salmon/tuna packet that's been in the car all summer?

Apparently I've had various salmon/tuna packets in the my car for months, likely being heated near 100° F, off and on. Other info: Still before the confusing 'BEST IF USED BY' date of August 2018. ...
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How to conserve natural fruit juices without alcohol?

Sorry if this is not the proper place to ask this. I would like to produce some natural fruit juices to sell, and it must last at least a week once bottled. It will be made with natural fruit, water, ...
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How to keep profiteroles fresh

I am having family over for dinner soon, and would like to make profiteroles for dessert. I will, however, be busy during the daytime and will only have an hour or so before people arrive for dinner, ...
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Cauliflower: mildew, or just darkening with age?

Unless the cauliflower in the market is extremely fresh, I usually see at least a couple specimens with tiny blackish freckles on the bumpy "flower" surface. I have assumed the spots were mildew, and ...
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How to tell if eggs are rotten

Over the past couple of weeks our local supermarket has been selling eggs very cheaply. (large eggs for half the price of medium eggs). So we've been eating a lot of eggs, not a problem, but I still ...
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