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How do I make prettier fried eggs?

I have no problem cooking fried eggs to my desired doneness or keeping them intact while cooking and serving. But eggs cooked by professional chefs and diner line cooks look like this: The white ...
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What is the term for serving a soft-cooked fried egg that breaks when the meal is consumed?

Recently I went to a restaurant where they served home-made pasta with a soft-cooked fried egg on top, and then proceeded to stir and mash the egg and whisk the pasta into an incredible dish in front ...
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What would you call this way of cooking an egg?

I recently discovered this video of Jaques Pepin frying a couple of eggs. I never really liked fried eggs before and I think this is because I'd been doing it wrong — with the heat too high. I've ...
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Over easy eggs sticking in copper pan

I was given a new copper pan and tried to cook my over easy eggs in the pan without butter, as it says in the ads. However, the eggs stuck in the pan horribly. I usually use butter to cook even in my ...
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Forgotten Fried Eggs Recipe

I have long been trying to increase the quality of my fried eggs. A few weeks ago I ran across a recipe that instructed me to crack the eggs into a cold pan, season them right there and THEN turn on ...
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How do I ask for eggs, sunny-side-up, but with the top cooked more thoroughly?

If I ask for eggs, sunny-side-up, they will have yellow barely cooked yolks. At home I avoid this by placing a lid and creating hot air or steam that cooks the top more thoroughly. How do I ask for ...
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Help me understand why my stainless steel skillet becomes non stick after frying one egg?

I've been playing around with making my stainless steel skillet stop sticking to my food. I found that seasoning with oil that's just about to smoke works a bit, but doesn't work that well when frying ...
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Can I fry an egg in water?

I loved fried eggs, but I hate all the grease that come with them. I have been told this is like a poached egg. I don't want to fry my egg in oil or butter. How can I fry eggs in water?
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Why are there egg whites over my yolk when I try to make a sunny side up fried egg?

When I cook fried eggs I've noticed that when I put a teaspoon of water and cover it with a lid, the yellow part gets covered by cooked egg whites when I'm done and it doesn't look much like a sunny ...
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How do I tell when my over medium eggs are done?

I can make an egg over easy, but somehow I can't get over medium. I've tried different methods like lower heat, longer time and high heat, shorter time. At best I end up with a yolk that's overcooked ...
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Should I wait until the oil smokes when frying eggs?

Making ordinary fried eggs, I heat up the (soy bean) vegetable oil. I usually use the smoke as an indicator of being in enough temperature to pour the eggs in. I heard that in olive oil, bad ...
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Does the strength of the barrier between egg yolk and white indicate freshness?

Often you can plop eggs out of the shell on a pan nicely, so that the yolk remains whole and doesn't leak out to mix with the white. But other times, the barrier between the yolk and the white is so ...
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Can one use cooked egg to make fried eggs (sunny side up)? [duplicate]

As a kid, I never really liked cooked eggs, but fried ones. Naturally, I've always wondered if cooked eggs could be reused to make fried eggs with sunny side up instead of using new raw ones. I ...
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