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Is it ever safe to use a non-stick pan under the broiler (e.g. frittatas)?

I see a lot of frittata recipes call for using a non-stick pan, and for finishing under the broiler (or "grill" in UK-speak). However, I have also read that non-stick pans in general are not ...
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Freezing a frittata

I'm hoping to make a frittata to last a few days to take to work for lunch. Am I able to freeze it, if so are there any ingredients that do not freeze well and I should avoid putting in the frittata?...
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Keep a frittata puffy

My frittatas always deflate. I've heard all kinds of differing advice: add flour, add tapioca flour/starch, add corn flour, add baking powder... I was once even told to add a little yoghurt! The base ...
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