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Yogurt made with heavy cream

I like to make yogurt from heavy cream so when it's frozen, it keeps creamy texture when stored in the freezer in several days. Do you think this works? Does high fat content affect incubation process ...
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Frozen yogurt with inverted sugar

I wanna make frozen yogurt from homemade yogurt. I heard that inverted sugar can help prevent crystallization so I want to add it to my yogurt, because I don't want rock-hard frozen yogurt and I just ...
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How to improve the texture of frozen yogurt?

I made some frozen yogurt for the first time yesterday. It turned out better than I feared, but had two problems: It had some ice crystals, and was more sorbet-like than ice-creamy. Once served, it ...
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Cuisinart frozen yogurt recipes confusing

I just bought an ice cream maker (ICE 70) and it came with an instruction/recipe book, but the recipes for the frozen yogurt are confusing. One example is like this 2 cups whole milk, plain Greek ...
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How long can we preserve yogurt using a refrigerator? [duplicate]

How long can we keep yogurt in the refrigerator and still consume it?
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What is the correct temperature for storing home-made frozen yogurt?

I have made frozen yogurt for the first time yesterday. It was stored overnight in the freezer at -18°C (-0.4°F). When I checked it this morning it had solidified a lot more than I had expected. Is ...
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Where does the chlorine taste in yogurt come from?

My parents used to make yogurt some years ago. When they tried to make some last month, it turned out very firm and smooth in appearence, but tasted like chlorine. The taste is so strong that even ...
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Does Arabic gum help keep frozen yogurt soft?

I'm trying to make frozen yogurt manually (no machine), but I would like it to be soft-scoop. My first batches froze hard (tasty but hard), regardless of whether I stirred them every half-hour or not. ...
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How to reduce the sourness of homemade frozen yogurt?

I like to make homemade yogurt and I am experimenting with timing to get my yogurt to be not so sour but still completely set. Yogurt is, by definition, quite acidic since that is what sets the ...
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