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Can I deep-freeze bread, rolls and other baking?

Yesterday I hit a notice in my local mall saying (my own Polish->English translation): Bread, rolls and other baking made out of previously frozen raw-cake. Don't deep-freeze again! Should I read ...
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Why do most precooked frozen fries smell bad and what to do about it?

Something like 4/5 of frozen fries brands in the store essentially smell like synthetic piss to me when you start cooking them and it doesn't go away. They taste fine but the smell is just vile. This ...
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Can I use frozen vegetables in smoothies?

I add frozen broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots, squash and cauliflower to my smoothies raw. Is that bad to do? The packaging says cook to 165 degrees. How likely am I to get sick from this? What if I ...
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How can I bake this "filled pretzel"?

(This is a follow-up of this question.) I'm trying to bake a "frozen, stuffed pretzel". (Why? See previous question.) My first attempt (350°F for 35 minutes), however, was less than satisfactory; the ...
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