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What is this symbol that looks like a shrimp tempura on a Philips HD9928 air fryer?

This question is about a Philips HD9228 air fryer. What is the 3rd symbol (C in the screenshot) on this air fryer? The manual doesn't say anything about it. I'm assuming it's a shrimp tempura, or a ...
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What caused my electric deep fryer to overcook violently?

Last week, I was preparing dinner for my family. I didn't have much time, so I bought some frozen potato-balls to deep fry. Everything went well, I fried 2 or 3 batches without any problems, and also ...
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Does double-frying French Fries in an air fryer make it crispier?

I didn't find this question asked on this site, and didn't find it being answered anywhere on the Internet. I've tried the recipes that are given online. They're all more or less the same where they ...
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How often should I change oil if reusing daily? [duplicate]

At the moment I'm frying chips and protein 3 times a day daily using a fry machine. I'm using sunflower oil though could use others if needed but right now that's easiest to use. The oil stays in the ...
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Air Fryer effect on Vegetables?

Does the Philips Air-fryer work as well as a standard deep-fryer? Most of what I've been reading about Air Fryers is centered on: Potatoes/ Fries Some of fish/ chicken/ meat dish Being a veggie, I ...
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How to get crispy vegetables chips/fries without frying?

Specifically for sweet potatoes, I'd like to get crispy fries via the oven rather than a fryer. Here are some pointers I've read in other recipes: Cuts must be as equal as possible to ensure even ...
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What is the best way to clean an electric fryer?

I have a Rival RCF15 fryer. I lost the manual and can't find a copy online. It has a fixed metal reservoir for the oil. It has a removable basket. I remember the manual saying something about not ...
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