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Why does my food turn out poorly using an All-Clad Stainless-Steel Fry Pan?

I have an All-Clad frying pan, the precise one shown below: I made this purchase out of curiosity after reading about the benefits of this professional ...
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Should I season a Teflon-coated stainless steel frying pan

I am not sure if I am allowed to say the brand & model, but here is the spec Can also be used in the oven since it is made entirely of metal. Thick base with one layer of aluminium between two ...
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Safe to use non-sticky pan with scratches?

Everyday I have to cook using some share kitchenware, and I came across some old non-sticky frying pan that have significant scratch marks on them. I was told by my parents that I should not use any ...
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Is it really necessary to wash a skillet that will be heated up again soon?

I made some eggs in a cast iron skillet yesterday and didn't wash the skillet. Today I want to make eggs again. Is it really necessary for me to wash the skillet before making more eggs? It would ...
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Cooking steak in frying pan, problem with oil splatter

I was using canola oil and put the stove top setting on "high - 9". I read plenty of guides suggesting there will infact be oil splatter, but it was pretty excessive and burning my arm with one drop ...
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Removing long-term residue from teflon

Over time, teflon manages to become coated by polymerised oils, similarly to the intentional seasoning on an iron pan. This tends to make the pan just too sticky for such as fried eggs. I have tried ...
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Trouble frying an egg on a stainless steel pan

I recently purchased a stainless steel pan from AllClad, but I'm struggling to use it. Food, and in particular eggs, seem to stick readily to the pan, making it hard to use. There is a question on ...
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Is there a difference in the ease of seasoning cast iron, forged iron, and carbon steel?

I have a forged iron pan, and I used linseed oil to season it in the oven. The resulting seasoning peels in places. Also, it is not really non-stick, once food burns even a little, it is stuck to the ...
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Should you avoid cooling a frying pan with water?

Sometimes after I fry something, I wash it immediately in water because it's a bit easier to wash (before the remains stick to the pan). Does this damage the pan in any way?
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What are frying pan ridges for?

I expect frying pans with raised ridges are for a few purposes such as adding "grill lines" to meats and keeping food out of grease somewhat as it collects. Why or when should I use a frying pan with ...
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How to know whether the teflon coated pan's life has reached end?

I use oil for cooking in the Teflon coated pan. I put the pan on a very low fire. (Simmer) Lately I have found that the onions get stuck to the bottom of the pan. How to know whether the teflon ...
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5 votes
8 answers

Culinary term for frying in water (without oil)?

Is there a culinary term describing "frying in about 4mm of water" in a frying pan without oil (with this technique, if water evaporates you just keep adding more from a glass, keeping it shallow).
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4 answers

Options for non-stick frying pans - not using teflon

Just for everyday things - frying eggs, making pancakes, steaks, bacon. Also, what is temperature reached by such frying. Teflon decomposes at 250c - does normal home use ever get near such ...
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Where can I buy a transparent frying pan?

Where could I find a transparent frying pan?  
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How to select a good non-stick pan, price point wise?

I already have cast iron skillet but I can't find a decent "normal" pan, for eggs and stuff, sometimes steaks, more or less general purpose. Here are some more features: high quality, durable, non ...
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How can I get my bacon flatter?

When frying bacon, it tends to curl up. I don't like it because my bacon doesn't cook equally and it's hard to get it crisp that way. Is there a technique or a tip so I can have flat bacon?
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How to prevent sticking and get a nice searing on scallops

When I am searing scallops, they often stick in the pan and most of the time, they are very hard to turn. I use only a little oil 1-2 tablespoons. Am I not using enough?
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Cooking cakes on asbestos mats

My mother tells me when she was young her mother would bake cakes on an asbestos mat inside a lidded electric frypan. I'd assume the practice is gone now because of the reputation of asbestos, but ...
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Pan makes knocking noises

So today I went to a flea market and found a copper pan with a stainless steel lining. I cleaned it thoroughly and the first thing I wanted to try is to caramellize sugar (because of the lack of ...
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How can I get breaded chicken to stop from sticking to the frying pan?

Whenever I fry breaded chicken cutlets, the first side browns beautifully, but when I turn them over, the next side always sticks to the pan. Consequently, one side is beautifully breaded, and the ...
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How to differentiate a ceramic pan from a teflon one?

I was in the store looking to buy a new pan, i found in the local store they sell them but i can't tell if this is a real ceramic or just white teflon (i don't know if that exist) both pans had ...
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How to keep boudin (blood sausage) slices from disintegrating when pan-frying?

I want to pan-fry some boudin slices and then put them on slices of baguette with some apple compote. I have cooked boudin before and often, the boudin was at least a bit disintegrated by the end. I ...
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What's the functional different between a skillet and a saute pan?

I see that a skillet or a fry pan has sloped sides...for easy tossing. A saute pan has straight sides. I see that a skillet/fry pan as more of a all-round pan to have...and if I complement it with a ...
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Frying with Induction Stovetop

My electric oven died about six weeks ago and, in the meantime, I've been using a 1500 W single burner hot plate. I have proper pans for induction but I can't get certain things to fry properly. ...
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2 answers

Why do my stainless steel fry pans always develop a residue?

I have a set of stainless steel frying pans. They are Emeril Lagasse brand which at some point was mentioned to be made by all-clad. I don't believe they are of particularly high quality but seem to ...
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Pan-frying marinated meat without making a huge mess?

I love marinated meat, I love the extra flavor that the marinade adds to it. However, I don't always have the option to BBQ it, so sometimes I have to use a frying pan. However, this always creates a ...
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Why does my De Buyer pan cause food to burn?

My De Buyer Mineral B Element iron fry pan burns everything I cook, even though I’ve been using low to medium heat with non-stick foods (mostly potatoes) and canola oil. The pan has been seasoned with ...
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